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Born (1958) and raised in the south of The Netherlands, I seriously started making photographs at the age of 16 supported through a camera-birthday-gift from my grandfather. Although I liked photographing very much I neither had the opportunities nor the money in those first years to further experience with it and develop my skills, so it stayed at the level of -beautiful- "holiday snapshots".

My education as a food technologist at Wageningen University proofed a solid base for a fullfilling career and photography went to the background, but was never forgotten.

Around my 50th birthday I bought my first (and right away digital) SLR camera and I discovered the fun of photography for the second time. But ... "only" taking beautiful pictures did not satisfy me. That's why I started in 2016 with the 3-year Photographic Design program at the Fotovakschool. And there I discovered the boundless creative possibilties of photography in combination with image editing. A new future was and still is opening.... After the first 2 years of the schoolprogram I decided to take private lessons for my further education.

The results of my photographic discoveries and my growth/development in making images can be found on this website.

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